About Us


“We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”                —  attributed to Albert Einstein

Professional Services

Coaching:  is Coaching in the Personal and Professional space which facilitates clarity and confidence to assist you to reach your goals in life and career.

Consultancy: Providing advice and guidance in dealing with Organisational change; Equal Employment Opportunity; Bullying; Harassment; Discrimination; Sexual Harassment and other Unacceptable Behavioural and Performance Management issues in the workplace. Also includes workplace assessments, workplace investigations and audits.

Training:  Specialising in the areas of:

  • Equity & Diversity;
  • Communication & Relationship Management;
  • Team Building

Appropriate Dispute Resolution Services

Conflict Coaching, Mediation, Conferencing, Facilitative Conversations, Relationship Management and Interactive Problem Solving.

What is Conflict Coaching?  It provides an opportunity to self reflect and review the dispute or conflict from different perspectives, often providing a greater understanding of how a situation has arisen, what the contributing factors were and identifying the underlying values that have been challenged by the conflict itself. It can reduce the psychological and emotional impact the situation is having on the individual and allows for a more congenial approach to resolving the dispute or conflict.

What is Mediation? As an independent 'third person' provide assistance to parties in dispute or conflict to negotiate in good faith an interest based resolution to the issues.

What is Workplace Conferencing? Based on the principles of restorative justice, workplace conferencing assists in understanding the harm that has occurred through a conflict or breakdown of relationships and allows the affected parties to contribute to the resolution proccess. It is used when multiple people and/or multiple issues are involved in conflict that often has been ongoing for sometime. Normally when conflict issues that have been building up reach a crisis point, its useful for all parties involved to 'unpack' the issues, understand each others story and participate in finding workable solutions to the problems. This is useful as a foundation for rebuilding teams.

What is Facilitative Conversations? An informal process by an independent third party which assists parties navigate difficult conversations surrounding conflict with a view to finding a resolution to the issues.