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Angela Ballard, CF 

Angela is a Master Practitioner, Coach and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming.
She holds Post Graduate qualifications in Management and Human Resource Management.
She is an accredited mediator under the National Mediator Accreditation Standards and an accredited conferencing convenor
with the Australian Association of Restorative Justice.

Angela has worked with government, corporate, community and the not-for-profit sector. She is a change agent who has coached managers and organisational leaders in the people and culture space and specialises in communication and relationship management.
Angela gained years of experience dealing with Conflict Management Interventions with the Royal Australian Navy and the Department of Defence
and has been commended for her Leadership and Management contributions.

Angela is a '2009 Churchill Fellow' recognised by The Winston Churchill Trust ( as an 'Australian Striving for Excellence'.
She travelled globally to engage with International Military Organisations and US Subject Matter Advisers to identify 'Best and Promising Practices'
in Sexual Assault Prevention & Intervention in Military Environments'.


End to End People Management and Support; Dealing with complex issues in your workplace.

Dispute Resolution

Mediation, Restorative Practices / Workplace Conferencing, Group Facilitation, Team Building.


Organisational Leadership and Management Coaching / Mentoring and Personal Development.
Performance Management 


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End to End People Management and Support

Providing advice and guidance in dealing with Organisational change;
Equal Employment Opportunity; Bullying; Harassment; Discrimination; Sexual Harassment and
other Unacceptable Behavioural and Performance Management issues in the workplace.

Dealing with complex and sensitive issues in your workplace

Dispute Resolution

Conflict Coaching

It provides an opportunity to self-reflect and review the dispute or conflict from different perspectives, often providing a greater understanding of how a situation has arisen, what the contributing factors were and identifying the underlying values that have been challenged by the conflict itself. It can reduce the psychological and emotional impact the situation is having on the individual and allows for a more congenial approach to resolving the dispute or conflict.

Workplace Mediation

As an independent 'third person' provide assistance to parties in dispute or conflict to negotiate in good faith an interest-based resolution to the issues. The process is future focused which provides an opportunity for the parties to establish their own framework moving forward.

Workplace Conferencing

Based on the principles of restorative practices, workplace conferencing assists in understanding the harm that has occurred through a conflict or breakdown of relationships and allows the affected parties to contribute to the resolution process. It is used when multiple people and/or multiple issues are involved in a conflict that often has been ongoing for a period of time. Normally when conflict issues that have been building up reach a crisis point, it is useful for all parties involved to 'unpack' the issues, understand each other's story and participate in finding workable solutions to the problems.
This is useful as a foundation for rebuilding teams.

Facilitative Conversations

An informal process by an independent third party which assists parties navigate difficult conversations with a view to finding a resolution to the issues.


Organisational Leadership and Management Coaching and Mentoring

What can you expect from working with Angela?

Gain clarity and confidence to focus on aspirational goals
A strengths-based approach to achieving outcomes
Support and guidance to overcome challenges
Direct conversations to increase self-awareness and awareness of others
Questions that challenge thought processes
Stronger communication skills
Honest feedback in a safe environment
A safe and nurturing relationship
Wisdom, learning and support to support personal growth and accountability 
Packages Available:
Individual Coaching
One day Intensive solo sessions
Group Sessions
Business Partners
You and your team
Coaching Retreats 



Our retreats are designed to assist you to Relax, Refocus and Rejuvenate.

Ideal for women who work in isolation, in competition or
are at career or life crossroads. 
Those of you who are overwhelmed with your busy life, overextended,
have challenging personal or professional relationships or
the past 18 months may have given you little time to rest and reflect.

Give yourself permission now to join us on our next retreat
in the beautiful location of Daylesford in Victoria
where you will be able to give yourself the undivided attention you need
to address the challenges you're facing and look after yourself,
with a little help from Angela and the Team.

*We will have COVID safe practices*

"I do not want perfection. I want contentment.
I feel it all, the good, the bad and the worse but choose to believe in the good.
I care and love and do it all with my heart and soul. 
I live, I laugh and I cry too.
I never give up because I believe that life is beautiful and there is always hope." 

Next Retreat: 

The Manor House 


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